Frequently asked questions

I've never done yoga - are these classes right for me?

These classes are great for all levels - beginners to advanced. Like any new skill, you just need to come to a few classes and you'll get the hang in no time. In these yoga classes, you are encouraged to recognise when you need to take a break and to let yourself rest - just join back in when you're ready.

What should I bring?

Your own mat is a must due to COVID - we have no sharing or hiring arrangements. Dress to the conditions - most of our classes are outdoors during warmer months. Sports wear and a light jumper should be fine and bring some suncream just in case. Stay hydrated - water and a towel will be handy as we will move and flow as well as spend time in stillness. Anything you'd normally take to a cardio session at the gym is appropriate. A friend or family member - yoga is a great way to re-connect with family and friends, its great for all ages from grandparents to teenagers. All our classes make the most of great local locations so after class you're encouraged to stay and chat, hang out and enjoy the space and company. Yoga is an individual practice undertaken as part of a community.